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Lucky Sweet is the story of a family who one day began dreaming of creating their own project.

In 2021, in the garden, the whole family began to think about a project they would love to create. Romain and Lucas, who love sweets, came up with the idea of a special, original candy that would bring something to people. Why not happiness ... like a 4-leaf clover?

That’s how Lucky Sweet was born, embossed with a 3-leaf clover and sometimes, for the lucky ones, a lucky 4-leaf clover... For the symbol, but not only... Indeed, for every Lucky Sweet candy marked with a 4-leaf clover, 0.50€ are donated to charity. So, the lucky charm symbol on our sweets really brings good luck.

If you find a candy marked with a 4-leaf clover, don’t hesitate to send us a picture ; we'll be happy to share this wonderful discovery with everyone.


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