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All marked with a clover: most of them with 3 leaves, but we regularly hide a lucky 4-leaf clover to find.

So stay focussed and good luck!

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Hard boiled sweets produced with natural fruit flavours and naturally coloured with fruit, vegetable and plant concentrates.

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Apple, mandarin, strawberry and grape flavours.

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Made in Belgium

Produced in Belgium

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Available in various formats

  • Bulk
  • Reusable and refillable metal cans
  • Returnable glass jars
  • Gourmet cards

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Certified lucky charms candies

We regularly slip in sweets marked with a 4-leaf clover.

Symbolically, they bring good luck and are considered as a good-luck charm. But we wanted them to be much more than just a symbol, to really bring something beautiful and special...

And what could be more beautiful and special for us, parents of an extraordinary autist little boy, than sending, offering and sharing little moments of happiness to other children, thanks to our project and our sweets?

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That's why we put 0.50€ into a piggy bank for every Lucky Sweet candy marked with a 4-leaf clover. At the end of each year, we share it between 3 associations that support our country's extraordinary little heroes.

To date, 3825€ have already been paid to the associations Triangle de Wallonie, Auti Bol D’air, Souris-moi, New Regard, La Tarantelle and Escalpade.

Then it's up to you...

  • You find a candy marked with a 4-leaf clover?

Send us a photo and we'll be happy to share this wonderful discovery with everyone.

  • You know of a great association that our project could help?

Don't hesitate to let us know.

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Gift candies

Lucky Sweet also customizes its packagings.

For your guests

  • Wedding
  • Birth
  • Baptism

For your employees

  • Customer gifts
  • Events
  • Corporate gifts

For your all those you love

  • Greeting cards
  • Themed sweets
  • Gift box

To finance your projects

  • Scouts
  • Schools
  • Associations


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